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Our experience working with the mining, mining technology, and clean energy industries has helped us identify common communications challenges. From working with governing bodies to countering vocal opponents, our experts have the technical understanding to solve communications problems with science, storytelling, and integrity.

Our Solutions

Browse our selection of strategic communication solutions designed to help the mining and clean energy industries work towards building a better future.

Environmental Assessment & Permitting Communications

Navigate the environmental assessment and permitting process with clear communications for positive stakeholder engagement.

Showcase your organization’s ESG impacts and sustainability commitments to influence positive sentiment among stakeholders and build your brand reputation.

Establishing Social License & Community Relations

Maintain your organization’s reputation in the community by gaining acceptance and support for operations.

Enhance the reputation of your organization (even during complex or sensitive projects) with proactive support, strategy, and communications.

Foster positive relationships and address community concerns through planning and creating community engagement efforts, public meetings, and workshops.

Thought Leadership & Executive Profiling

Position your leadership and organization as industry experts with the development and promotion of compelling narratives, editorials, and speaking opportunities.

Executive Training

Prepare for any speaking opportunity or challenging media interview with confidence-boosting techniques, message development, and media training.

Engage respectfully with Indigenous communities and establish mutually beneficial relationships  through meaningful communication and consultations.

Communicating Science

Share your science so it’s understood by non-scientists for building trust, respect and fact-based decision making.

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