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Clean Energy

The Clean Energy Industry

PRA Communications is experienced with the regulations, technologies, and investors the clean energy industry relies on to succeed. Let our expert team help you increase brand awareness, enhance your reputation, and engage your target audience so you can meet your business objectives.

Clean Energy

How PRA Communications Helps

To combat climate change and meet the Paris Agreement’s decarbonization goals, transitioning to clean energy sources is essential. But the world is watching this industry closely, hoping for innovative solutions and critical of projects or updates that could be interpreted as harmful. 

From stimulating job creation and economic growth to enhancing energy security, the benefits of the clean energy movement are locally and globally impactful. PRA Communications can provide clear communications support and crisis management key to improving public perception while telling your most important stories.


Solutions for the Clean Energy Industry

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Environmental Assessment & Permitting Communications

Navigate the environmental assessment and permitting process with clear communications for positive stakeholder engagement.

Enhance the reputation of your organization (even during complex or sensitive projects) with proactive support, strategy, and communications.

Get noticed by the right people, for the right reasons, at the right time with skilled storytelling on strategically chosen media platforms.

Executive Training

Prepare for any speaking opportunity or challenging media interview with confidence-boosting techniques, message development, and media training.

Engage respectfully with Indigenous communities and establish mutually beneficial relationships  through meaningful communication and consultations. Foster positive relationships and address community concerns through planning and creating community engagement efforts, public meetings, and workshops.

Content & Creative

Produce compelling, easily understandable and informative content, including websites, articles, presentations, fact sheets, blog posts, and train environmental scientists and engineers how to share the project’s environmental studies and engineering plans to non-scientists.

Reach your target audience to drive engagement and enhance brand visibility using search engine optimization (SEO), performance marketing and social media management.

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