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Barrick Gold Corporation – ESG Marketing & Communications

Barrick Gold Corporation – ESG Marketing & Communications

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& Goal

Barrick Gold Corporation, the world’s largest gold company, faced the challenge of underperforming health and safety standards. Their goal was to enhance safety practices and empower individuals to prioritize their well-being and that of their colleagues, contractors, and communities. They sought the expertise of PR Associates to develop a comprehensive safety communication campaign to establish a strong culture of safety and health with improved performance.

The Ask

To engage employees at all levels, fostering a sense of individual responsibility for safety.

Insights & Strategy

PRA Communications conducted an audience analysis and reviewed existing safety messaging and communications and created a roadmap to effectively communicate Barrick’s safety vision, which focused on caring for oneself, colleagues, contractors, and communities. The strategy aimed to cultivate a safety culture that merged individual responsibility with a sense of care for others. Key elements of the strategy included providing comprehensive safety training and upskilling employees in risk and hazard awareness. The communication plan emphasized the significance of proactive communication, encouraging employees to speak up, halt unsafe work, and rectify identified hazards. The strategy began with executive-level engagement and cascaded down to every employee. Furthermore, the campaign placed a strong emphasis on personal well-being, with each site establishing fit-for-work programs that incorporated mental health, sleep, diet, and exercise.


PR Associates executed the safety communication campaign through several initiatives:

  • Developed a targeted communication plan that delivered tailored messages to different audiences.
  • Employed a marketing strategy specifically designed to engage employees effectively.
  • Conducted a series of internal training sessions to enhance safety and health knowledge.
  • Leveraged diverse communication channels suitable for regional audiences, including pop-up alerts, digital signage, polls, quizzes, surveys, employee apps, and storytelling.
  • Established feedback mechanisms to gather employee input and relay it to senior executives.

The Results

The implementation of the safety communication campaign yielded significant results for Barrick Gold Corporation:

  • The campaign was successfully rolled out throughout the organization, resulting in a substantial improvement in the target for reportable injury frequency (TRIFR). The achieved TRIFR was 0.46, surpassing the target of 0.64. Since 2005, there has been an impressive 84 percent improvement in the TRIFR.
  • Employees received a total of 300,000 hours of safety and health training, indicating a strong commitment to enhancing safety awareness and upskilling the workforce.
  • Barrick Gold Corporation experienced an exceptional 84% reduction in the injury rate, underscoring the positive impact of the campaign on overall health and safety performance.

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