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Environmental Assessment & Permitting Communications

Environmental Assessment & Permitting Communications

Navigate the environmental assessment and permitting process with clear communications for positive stakeholder engagement.

Environmental Assessment & Permitting Communications

How PRA Communications Helps

Prepare for the environmental and permitting processes and their unique challenges like countering environmental opposition, stakeholder and rightsholder science literacy, fact-based decision making, and gaining local community and government support. By addressing common concerns early in the regulatory process, organizations in the mining and clean energy industries can build trustworthy reputations and gain the public support necessary for positive regulatory decisions.

PRA Communications has a 30-year track record of helping mining and energy companies successfully communicate and navigate the complex requirements of permitting, helping to reduce regulatory hurdles.

How Do We Support Our Clients

Some of our Environmental Assessment & Permitting Communications techniques

  • Stakeholder Analysis
    Identify and analyze key stakeholders relevant to a mining project, ensuring we understand their interests, concerns, and expectations related to the environmental impact and permitting process.
  • Advocacy and Community Building
    Foster positive relationships and address community concerns through community engagement efforts, public meetings, and workshops.
  • Proactive and Reactive Communications Planning
    Develop a robust communications plan to proactively convey environmental benefits and responsible practices. Create communication strategies to address any negative perceptions or incidents promptly.
  • Content Creation
    Produce compelling and informative content, including press releases, fact sheets, blog posts, and articles, to share the project’s environmental impact and regulatory compliance.
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Management
    Promote positive messages and engagement with stakeholders through targeted online communications and advertising campaigns. Engage with stakeholders on social media platforms.
  • Ongoing Communications Execution
    Implement the communications plan throughout the environmental assessment and permitting process, ensuring consistent messaging across various communication channels. Provide regular progress and milestone updates to stakeholders.

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