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Creating Government and Community Support

Creating Government and Community Support

& Goal

Goldcorp, a leading gold mining company, was facing criticism and opposition from international human rights NGO’s about the damage they believed GoldCorp was doing to the people, the land, and the culture of Guatemala. The controversy surrounded Goldcorp’s Marlin mine operation. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), part of the Organization of American States, of which both Canada and Guatemala were members, called for the suspension of the mine.

The Ask

PRA Communications was hired to provide a strategic communication and public relations to counter the criticism, build stronger relationships with local communities and the Guatemala federal government.

Insights & Strategy

This collaboration marked the first external communication and public relations strategy for Goldcorp. The Marlin Mine was at risk of being closed by the Guatemalan government and social license was necessary to counter the unfounded claims of the NGO’s who had gained international attention through effective media relations. A collaborative community, government and media relations strategy was developed and implemented.


  • An independent human rights assessment was conducted by external auditors which was published for the public.
  • The recommendations in the report were implemented and communicated to the local community members and government officials.
  • A human Rights Policy was established and published.
  • Extensive community outreach and government collaboration, resulted in the Guatemalan Government decided against suspending the Mine operations.

The Results

The Marlin Mine continued to operate, approval ratings in the local communities improved significantly and the relationship with the Guatemalan Government was solidified.

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