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Crisis Preparedness & Management

Crisis Preparedness & Management

Handle or avoid a crisis with experienced crisis management techniques, rapid response support, and proactive crisis management planning.

How PRA Communications Helps

Crisis communications in the mining, clean energy, and enabling technologies industries isn’t just about solving immediate problems—it’s about stopping them before problems start. Given the environmental implications and public expectations, these industries must establish and protect their social license to operate. It’s crucial to handle threats to reputation proactively to avoid interruptions to the business.

Businesses in the mining sector can experience risks including industrial accidents, environmental damage , and labour conflicts. PRA Communications employs quick, open communication and PR approaches to uphold public trust so our clients can keep operating without issues.

How Do We Support Our Clients

Some of our Crisis Preparedness & Management techniques

  • Crisis Communication Planning
    Develop a comprehensive crisis communication plan in collaboration with the client to outline roles, responsibilities, and key messaging in the event of a crisis.
  • Rapid Response
    Provide real-time monitoring and analysis of media and social media platforms to identify potential issues and respond promptly to emerging crises.
  • Media Relations Expertise
    Leverage established media relationships to disseminate accurate information and control the narrative during a crisis, reducing the risk of misinformation.
  • Stakeholder Communication
    Craft clear, consistent, and transparent communication targeted at stakeholders, including employees, local communities, investors, and regulatory bodies, to keep them informed throughout the crisis.
  • Spokesperson Training
    Conduct media training for key spokespersons to ensure they can effectively communicate the company’s position and respond to media inquiries professionally.
  • Post-crisis Evaluation and Recovery Communication
    Conduct a post-crisis evaluation to identify lessons learned, improve crisis preparedness, and implement measures to prevent similar issues in the future. Provide support after the incident to help rebuild brand reputation.

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