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Raising Innovation Profiles in the Mining Industry

Raising Innovation Profiles in the Mining Industry

& Goal

To rapidly implement a targeted, controlled media relations and thought leadership campaign focused to help decision makers and influencers in the North American mining industry learn about Tersa Earth’s breakthrough biotech solutions, which targets the treatment of acid rock drainage (ARD), lowers carbon emissions from waste cleanup, and improves how metals are recovered from tailings.

The Ask

As a newly founded biotech company with an innovative approach to tailings remediation, Tersa Earth approached PRA Communications to help introduce its brand and value proposition to leaders in the mining industry.

Insights & Strategy

The strategy had to be done with speed, as Tersa sought to build early momentum and continue growing the company.


Given its highly technical and focused message, PRA Communications worked with Tersa to develop impactful messaging, identify targeted industry media opportunities and ensure that Tersa Earth would be part of high-profile award and speaking opportunities.

The Results

Over the course of several months PRA Communications leveraged its editorial relationships and industry expertise to secure:

  • 24 pieces of coverage in industry and trade outlets.
  • Four opinion pieces drafted and placed on behalf of Tersa Earth leadership.
  • Another six articles pending publication

This resulted in overwhelmingly positive response from media outlets who were eager to recognize the significance of Tersa’s breakthrough technology.

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