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Establishing Social License & Community Relations

Establishing Social License & Community Relations

Maintain your organization’s reputation in the community by gaining acceptance and support for operations.

Establishing Social License & Community Relations

How PRA Communications Helps

Support from local communities and other stakeholders is critical to your operations. To foster strong relationships that drive growth in mining and suppliers, mining technology and clean energy organizations need to communicate openly and authentically in their public relations efforts

PRA Communications can help organizations obtain and maintain their social license by developing strategic communication and public relations approaches that foster trust, enhance brand reputation and highlight responsible practices.

How Do We Support Our Clients

Some of our Establishing Social License & Community Relations techniques

  • Stakeholder Analysis
    Conduct a comprehensive stakeholder analysis to identify all relevant community members, local authorities, NGOs, and other groups that may be affected by the organization’s operation. Understand the concerns and expectations of stakeholders to develop an effective community relations strategy.
  • Community Engagement Strategies
    Design and implement community engagement programs based on stakeholder analysis. These strategies may involve town hall meetings, focus groups, surveys, and other activities to gather feedback from the community and address their concerns.
  • Media Relations
    Engage with local and national media outlets to share positive stories about contributions to the community and efforts towards sustainability.
  • Community Investment Programs
    Design and implement community investment programs like social development projects, education programs, healthcare initiatives, and other projects that contribute positively to the well-being of the local community.
  • Sustainability Reporting
    Prepare sustainability reports that demonstrate efforts to minimize environmental impacts, engage with the community, and uphold social responsibility standards.
  • Government and Regulatory Relations
    Support in building constructive relationships with local and national government bodies and regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Community Training and Employment
    Develop programs that provide training and employment opportunities for local residents, showcasing the company’s commitment to empowering the community economically.

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