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Communicating Science

Communicating Science

Share your science so it’s understood by non-scientists for building trust, respect and fact-based decision making.

Communicating Science

How PRA Communications Helps

Mining and mine suppliers, mining technology and clean energy are among the industries working towards the decarbonization goals set by the Paris Agreement. Unfortunately, due to the technical and complex nature of these industries and their challenges, organizations struggle to share stories that will engage, inspire, and change public perception.

PRA Communications is a science-based communications and public relations firm with the technical knowledge to use storytelling and science together in a way that is clear, engaging, and effective for any audience.

How Do We Support Our Clients

Some of our Communicating Science techniques

  • Deep Industry Expertise
    Communicate complex scientific concepts effectively to various stakeholders using our comprehensive understanding of the mining industry, its technologies, processes, and environmental impacts.
  • Credibility & Trust
    Foster trust among stakeholders with data, research, and scientific evidence to back up claims. Lend credibility to our clients’ messaging through a science-based approach.
  • Science Communication for Better Engagement
    Workshops to help scientists and engineers successfully communicate science to non-science audiences. Excel at communicating with non-technical audiences to promote fact-based decision making.
  • Crisis Management in a Technical Context
    Handle crisis communication effectively by interpreting technical information for the broader public and media, ensuring the message is accurate and understandable.
  • Advocacy for Innovation
    Advocate for mining companies’ innovative practices and technologies that reduce environmental impacts and improve industry practices.
  • Public Education
    Engage in public education initiatives to promote understanding of the mining industry’s role in society, dispel myths, and highlight its contributions to economic growth and technological advancements.

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