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ESG Communications & Marketing

ESG Communications & Marketing

Showcase your organization’s ESG impacts and sustainability commitments to influence positive sentiment among stakeholders and build your brand reputation.

How PRA Communications Helps

Regular communication on how you address ESG issues and your progress towards your sustainability commitments and employee culture are critical factors in shaping a company’s reputation and investment decisions. With increased scrutiny by investors and the public in the clean energy movement, mining and clean tech companies have a unique opportunity to speak to new audiences and influence opinions.

Together with our expert team, we can help share your positive stories to improve stakeholder engagement, improve your brand’s reputation and strengthen community, government and employee relations.

How Do We Support Our Clients

Some of our ESG Communications & Marketing techniques

  • Sustainability Showcases
    Highlight the mining project’s sustainable practices and positive environmental impacts through interactive showcases and exhibitions. Engage stakeholders to witness firsthand the project’s commitment to responsible mining and contributions to the local ecosystem.
  • Impact Storytelling
    Showcase the project’s positive influence on the environment and community. Share stories of how the project is actively mitigating environmental challenges and driving socio-economic growth, emphasizing its alignment with sustainable goals.
  • Virtual Reality Tours
    Provide stakeholders with immersive tours of the project site, allowing them to experience the project’s environmental measures and responsible practices in a virtual environment. This innovative approach enhances understanding and empathy.
  • Collaborative Workshops
    Bring together experts, community members, and project representatives to co-create solutions for potential environmental challenges. Foster a sense of shared responsibility and showcase the project’s commitment to transparent decision-making.
  • Interactive Webinars
    Host informative webinars that cover various aspects of the project’s environmental impact, from rehabilitation efforts to water management strategies. Invite subject matter experts to engage with stakeholders and address their questions in real time.
  • Green Partnerships
    Forge partnerships with local environmental organizations, universities, and research institutions to conduct joint studies and share findings related to the project’s environmental performance. Demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and knowledge sharing.
  • Media & Stakeholder Relations
    Work with journalists, editors, and influencers to ensure accurate coverage of the company’s activities and build a long-term foundation for brand reputation management.

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