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How Proactive Crisis Management Safeguards Mining and Mine Supplier Reputations

How Proactive Crisis Management Safeguards Mining and Mine Supplier Reputations


Mining and related industries prioritize employee safety with rigorous training and updated protocols. Unfortunately, far fewer organizations take steps  to protect their reputations in the event of a crisis situation. Failing to plan and prepare care leads to severe consequences, jeopardizing investments, partnerships, and operations, affecting the entire industry.

Despite these risks, many organizations rely on outdated or minimal crisis plans. Others may believe they are prepared, only to realize the inadequacy of their strategy during a crisis, resulting in chaos.

This whitepaper exposes crisis management misconceptions common in the mining and mining supplier industry and offers strategies for organizations to safeguard their reputation more effectively.

 5 Common Crisis Communication Misconceptions

  • We have a plan, so we’re prepared: A plan alone isn’t enough; it must be updated, cross-functional, and factor in current threats.
  • Involving the media is harmful: Proactive communication builds trust and authority.
  • Legal/investor relations/operations can handle it: Communications expertise is essential to navigate diverse audiences.
  • Our experienced leadership can handle any situation: Past experience may not apply in today’s complex landscape.
  • We’ll find a solution when needed: Proactive strategies and plans are crucial; waiting can worsen the crisis.

Managing the Crisis Plan with a Modern Approach

  • Before a Crisis: Preparation involves a plan, regular updates, approved messaging, and stakeholder matrices.
  • During a Crisis: Strategic communication protocols, trained spokespersons, and monitoring resources are crucial.
  • After a Crisis: Assessment, corrective action, trust rebuilding, stakeholder engagement, and long-term reputation management are essential.

Is Your Organization Sufficiently Protected from a Crisis?

At PRA Communications, we’ve been providing expert crisis communication planning for over 25 years, with a particular focus on the mining, supplier, mining technology, and clean energy industries. Our tailored strategic communication solutions are designed to guide clients through crises and protect their unique needs.

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