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Digging Deeper: Ten Compelling Reasons Why Crisis Communication Matters in the Mining Sector

Digging Deeper: Ten Compelling Reasons Why Crisis Communication Matters in the Mining Sector


In my daily role leading PRA Communications, there are few things I find more fulfilling than conducting on-site visits with our valued clients.

Just last week, I embarked on a whirlwind journey, spanning six days, that took me to Denver, Vancouver, and Toronto. My purpose was to facilitate tailored crisis communication preparedness training sessions, and I must say, the experience was truly energizing.

Working alongside forward-thinking and engaged mining companies never fails to ignite my passion for this industry. It’s the reason I continuously strive to bring a strategic perspective into our approach to crisis communication preparedness, complete with real-world scenarios.

While the importance of crisis communication is universally acknowledged, it is equally imperative to grasp the underlying rationale. Drawing upon my extensive twenty-five years of experience, I’ve collaborated with countless companies at various stages of development, offering invaluable support—particularly in the aftermath of crises. As the age-old adage suggests, it’s always better to be prepared rather than be only reactive.

Here are ten compelling reasons why your mining company must ensure that your crisis communication plan and training remain up-to-date annually:

  1. Prioritizing Safety: Given the inherent risks in the mining industry, effective crisis communication planning ensures that safety protocols and vital information are swiftly conveyed, protecting the lives of workers and the surrounding community during emergencies.
  2. Reputation Management: A well-crafted crisis communication plan can address industry concerns and mitigate damage to your company’s reputation by demonstrating transparency, accountability, and a commitment to responsible mining practices.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Competent crisis communication helps companies navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, maintaining adherence and minimizing adverse risks.
  4. Environmental Responsibility: Robust crisis communication planning enables mining companies to respond promptly to environmental incidents, minimizing harm and reinforcing their dedication to responsible environmental stewardship.
  5. Stakeholder Relations: Effective crisis communication during challenging times preserves trust and solidifies relationships with stakeholders, which are pivotal for your company’s long-term success and support.
  6. Financial Assurance: Competent crisis communication can reassure investors, lenders, and financial institutions during turbulent periods, reducing the risk of financial instability or a loss of investor confidence.
  7. Community Engagement: Crisis communication planning facilitates candid and open dialogue with local communities, addressing concerns and ensuring that your company acts as a responsible corporate citizen.
  8. Emergency Response Coordination: In cases of disasters or emergencies, effective communication plays a pivotal role in coordinating emergency responses, evacuations, and medical aid, potentially saving lives and mitigating damage.
  9. Media Relations: Crisis communication planning equips companies to properly manage media inquiries, present accurate information, and maintain control over the narrative to prevent sensationalism or misinformation.
  10. Legal Protection: Properly prepared crisis communication efforts can be instrumental in safeguarding your company’s best interests.

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