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With over 25 years of expertise, PRA Communications is the leading provider of strategic communications support to the global mining industry and to those who champion mining productivity and innovation.

To Succeed, Miners Must Cultivate Trust

Skeptical investors, unyielding ESG mandates, organized industry opposition, regulatory mazes, unprecedented critical mineral demand, and a talent pool squeeze — the industry faces many challenges. Even the smallest misstep can be costly.

A long-term strategy that builds trust with stakeholders is essential.

PRA Communications is the strategic partner you need. With our deep roots in the industry and a proven track record of success working with companies of all sizes, we hit the ground running and help miners benefit from the power of trust.

The Company We Keep

Our Mission is Two-Fold

  1. Social license is now non-negotiable. We help miners and explorers at all stages of development create and deliver their message. Then we help them earn trust from the communities in which they operate, the governments and regulators who oversee activities, and the partners with a vested interest in seeing them succeed. 
  2. The world is changing, and so too must mining. We are helping a new generation of technology, cultural and engineering innovators striving for a better future tell their story, connect with their target audiences and gain recognition for their efforts.

Why Work With Us?

Proven Expertise

Benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience in navigating the dynamic landscape of mineral exploration and mining communications.

Global Reach

As a leading global organization, we provide comprehensive support to clients around the world, ensuring your message resonates on a global scale.

25 Years of Excellence

We take pride in our 25-year legacy, delivering top-notch communication solutions to enhance the success of mining companies.

Our Expertise

Our team of experts delivers a comprehensive suite of strategic communication and public relations solutions and services tailored to every stage of your project.

Environmental Assessment & Permitting Communications

Navigate the environmental assessment and permitting process with clear communications for positive stakeholder engagement.

Showcase your organization’s ESG impacts and sustainability commitments to influence positive sentiment among stakeholders and build your brand reputation.

Enhance the reputation of your organization (even during complex or sensitive projects) with proactive support, strategy, and communications.

Foster positive relationships and address community concerns through planning and creating community engagement efforts, public meetings, and workshops.

Thought Leadership & Executive Profiling

Position your leadership and organization as industry experts with the development and promotion of compelling narratives, editorials, and speaking opportunities.

Engage respectfully with Indigenous communities and establish mutually beneficial relationships  through meaningful communication and consultations.

Handle or avoid a crisis with experienced crisis management techniques, rapid response support, and proactive crisis management planning.

Content & Creative

Produce compelling, easily understandable and informative content, including websites, articles, presentations, fact sheets, blog posts, and train environmental scientists and engineers how to share the project’s environmental studies and engineering plans to non-scientists.

Our Work

Skeena Resources Conservancy Logo
For Skeena Resources, the challenge was how to showcase its commitment to responsible and sustainable land use by surrendering its claims to Mount Edziza, an ecologically and culturally important area that holds significance for the Tahltan people. The goal was to create and execute the story of a unique collaboration with five diverse groups – Tahltan, the provincial government, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and the federal Natural Heritage Conservation Program to permanently protect Mount Edziza, known as Ice Mountain by the Tahltan, through strategic management and cultivation of relationships between the media and the stakeholders to shape public perception.
Seabridge Gold Logo
To move forward with its $5 billion mining project, one of the largest copper and gold deposits in the world, Seabridge Gold needed a successful environmental assessment (EA) certificate from the provincial government and approval from the federal government. To obtain the EA Seabridge had to demonstrate clear and enthusiastic support from local communities and stakeholders from across northwest British Columbia and Alaska.
Barrick Gold Corporation Logo
Barrick Gold Corporation, the world’s largest gold company, faced the challenge of underperforming health and safety standards. Their goal was to enhance safety practices and empower individuals to prioritize their well-being and that of their colleagues, contractors, and communities. They sought the expertise of PR Associates to develop a comprehensive safety communication campaign to establish a strong culture of safety and health with improved performance.
Goldcorp, a leading gold mining company, was facing criticism and opposition from international human rights NGO’s about the damage they believed GoldCorp was doing to the people, the land, and the culture of Guatemala. The controversy surrounded Goldcorp’s Marlin mine operation. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), part of the Organization of American States, of which both Canada and Guatemala were members, called for the suspension of the mine.
To rapidly implement a targeted, controlled media relations and thought leadership campaign focused to help decision makers and influencers in the North American mining industry learn about Tersa Earth’s breakthrough biotech solutions, which targets the treatment of acid rock drainage (ARD), lowers carbon emissions from waste cleanup, and improves how metals are recovered from tailings.
The mining and mineral exploration industry has significantly matured over the last decade and is today at the forefront of embracing innovative solutions, most notably artificial intelligence and machine learning. Boart Longyear’s Geological Data Services division has been a leader in this fast-growing market segment, but wanted to evolve with the marketplace by launching Veracio, a new wholly owned subsidiary that would focus on providing AI solutions to mining companies around the world.

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