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Mining Science and Technology Communication

Communicating Science

Mining Science and Technology Communication

Making Mining Accessible, Engaging and Easy to Understand.

How PRA Communications Helps

At PRA Communications, we leverage our expertise in science communication to bring clarity and engagement to the mining industry’s complex operations. Our goal is to make the intricate details of mining activities understandable and captivating, ensuring that the public are well-informed, engaged and foster positive perception.

Additionally, we excel at interpreting complex scientific findings and investigations, making them understandable and relatable to everyone.

Examples include: Environmental Impact Assessments, Independent Mining Incident Investigation Reports, Technological Innovations and Mining Industry Operations.

How Can We Support Your Business Goals

Some of our Mining Science and Technology Communication techniques:

  • Environmental Assessments
    Translating environmental science to be easily understood by non-scientists explaining the environmental assessment process, potential impacts and mitigation measures.
  • Investigation Reports
    Ensure that comprehensive scientific data and methodologies are available for those seeking in-depth information.
  • Public Hearings
    Providing accessible information for public hearings and consultations to help in gaining community support and addressing objections proactively.
  • Educational Materials
    Develop concise and easy-to-understand materials that explain the science behind environmental assessments, permitting and mining operations.
  • Interactive Websites
    Create online platforms with detailed project information, interactive maps, and FAQs to provide accessible information to a broader audience.
  • Data Visualization
    Develop visual aids to present complex scientific data in an accessible manner, making it easier for non-experts to understand key findings and implications.
  • Science Communication Training
    Teach mining scientists and engineers to convey their messages so it will be understood by non-scientists to promote informed decision making.

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