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Overcoming Mining Crises Through Strategic Communications

Overcoming Mining Crises Through Strategic Communications

& Goal

Mining companies face a multitude of issues that, if improperly handled, can jeopardize their reputation and long-term viability. Areas of risk include workplace health and safety mishaps, environmental incidents, poor leadership performance and more. When an issue makes its way on to the public stage, it becomes critical to effectively manage them through expert crisis communication strategies that mitigate damage, protect the company’s reputation, and maintain stakeholder confidence.

The Ask

For more than 25 years PR Associates has established its expertise in providing end-to-end crisis communication planning to leading mining organizations, including meticulous management, execution, and steadfast recovery assistance. Recognized as a leader in the field, PRA is dedicated to guiding mining companies through crises using strategic communication solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Insights & Strategy

PRA’s expertise lies in gaining a comprehensive understanding of each crisis, including its causes, potential impacts, and the diverse array of stakeholders involved. By conducting a detailed analysis of the situation, PRA uncovers key challenges and risks while gaining insights into stakeholders’ concerns, expectations, and potential reactions. Drawing on these insights, PRA constructs a robust crisis communication strategy tailored to each unique scenario. The approach encompasses several crucial elements that ensure effective crisis management and stakeholder engagement.


PRA develops a comprehensive crisis communication strategy, encompassing the following elements:

  1. Proactive and Transparent Communication: Timely updates and accurate information build trust and manage stakeholder expectations.
  2. Consistent Messaging: Aligning key messages with the organization’s values and objectives ensures clarity and avoids confusion.
  3. Empathy and Concern: Demonstrating care for those affected by the crisis helps foster goodwill and reassures stakeholders.
  4. Spokesperson and Media Management: Trained spokespersons effectively represent the organization, handle tough questions, and convey messages consistently.
  5. Tailored Stakeholder Communication: Customizing strategies for different stakeholder groups addresses their unique needs and concerns.
  6. Social Media Engagement: Actively monitoring and engaging on social media platforms helps counter negative narratives and correct misinformation.
  7. Internal Communication: Keeping employees informed, guiding their support, and encouraging them to act as brand ambassadors strengthens unity and crisis response.
  8. Continuous Evaluation and Improvement: Regular assessment, feedback incorporation, and team training enhance crisis management capabilities.
  9. Learning from the Crisis: Documenting lessons learned strengthens future crisis communication plans and overall management processes.

The Results

Through effective communication strategies, PRA has helped organizations emerge stronger, with reputations intact and stakeholder confidence restored.

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Unique and flexible offerings to tackle the most common industry challenges from environmental assessment and permitting, issue and crisis communications, working with Indigenous communities, and more.

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